General rental fee and number of days

The rosary rental is basically taking such a form that it can be rented for several days. It is characterized by a period that takes into consideration from the wake-up to the funeral, and afterwards visits etc are established. The average amount of money and the number of days are about 3,000 yen in 3 days to 4 days. There are also companies that cost extra shipping, so do not forget to calculate with the amount including that. In addition, the rental shop with the rosary handling is mostly borrowed at the same time for bags and accessories. If you order together in the same place you get discounts and shipping costs are never taken each time. Let’s realize the best rental by having them mailed all at once. There is also a set service for beginners who do not know what to arrange, so let’s look for those who are unhappy with ceremonial occasions.

Beads of onyx with distinctive luxury

The beads are for men’s women and the type is divided, so you can see the differences in sales and rental well. It is a dark black bead with onyx that is popular with men’s luxury feeling. Men’s beads often have distinctive shades, and they can produce their presence and majestic images. Onyx has a strong gloss and produces a high quality flavor by shine. It is very suitable for a place of funerals and it is useful in respecting the atmosphere of the place from the condolences of those who are important. There are also types without gloss, you can cherish the calm atmosphere like adults. It is also possible to change the size. Rather than just thinking with the size of your arm alone, you can also amplify a rigorous image with its size in the case of men.

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